Acquiring Knowledge

Acquiring knowledge, here there is technology that is used to enhance your own personal learning and your professional productivity.

YouTube – can be used for students, but it also is a great tool for teachers. It can mean some hunting to find the video you really need with good video, sound, and information. Always watch a video before presenting it to students. One thing that can also help students is having subtitles to read and hear the sound at the same time.

Google Image – finding an image to help get your point across, a visual of what you are talking about, a person, a place a way to make a connection. It is not only about hitting the search button, you can dive deep into an image search setting up rules and even place an image to find one like it if you need a better resolution.

Google Drive – Team Drives, Google drive is a great sharing, organization and storage tool. When working with Google drive you can create a team drive for your colleagues to be able to work together instead of having one shared drive owned by one person.

When using Google you can also use Google Classroom to work with your students, this is a great option when you have students that need to submit work or have complex lessons. Using Google Classroom can be a great organization tool for the students and teacher. ¬†Classroom can also include the student’s parents/guardians to see how their students are doing.

There are videos out there that can help you if you are new to using Google, currently Google is changing up the images and some of the ways Drive works. It is still mostly the same tool. This video has a overview for someone that hasn’t used Google Drive before.

Implementing Knowledge

Expanding Knowledge