Expanding Knowledge

Expanding knowledge to continue to develop your expertise regarding the use of technology to foster language acquisition and learning and support English Language Learners in content learning.

Teaching Channel https://www.teachingchannel.org is a resource that school districts can create their own content for their teachers and teachers can look at content from other teachers. This is a great way to get feedback from others or to have a focused group with a mentor.

The Art of Ed https://www.theartofed.com Is a website for art teachers and their development as teachers. The website has lessons for teachers, instructional strategies, curriculum, professional development and differentiation in lessons. This focus on the art content area is a great resource.

Oliva Gude‘s website is a perfect resource for teachers looking to expand their knowledge with working with student to develop deeper meaning. There are resources for new teachers to teachers that have been working for years. The website is dedicated to education and working with all students leaving no one behind.


Acquiring Knowledge

Implementing Knowledge