Implementing Knowledge

Implementing knowledge, these are strategies or resources I have incorporated into my lessons. Many of these I have taught with on a regular basis.

Plickers for quick assessment to check for understanding, but it can also be used to pre assess students to help see what steps should be next with students in real time. Each classroom can be set up in the application so you can easily track how they are doing for each lesson. Questions are activated on the fly so if a part of the lesson hasn’t been covered yet you can skip over the question and not have it in your queue.


Tablet/laptop, instead of going to a computer lab students can use laptops or tablets at their desk, access to the laptops and tablets during research time can help students find the information they need. Yes, setting up expectations with students before getting started is important, respective use of technology is the responsibility of the teacher and the students.

Using or having access to a smart board can make it so students and teachers can interact with the content at the board without having to continuously having to erase or re draw items on the board. This makes switching between ideas easy to go back to help the students with any comprehension issue or review for later.

Acquiring Knowledge

Expanding Knowledge