Personal Statement

I have been interested in art my whole life. In some form or another I am creating every day. My most recent degree is from Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education & Counseling, where I graduated with my Masters of Arts in Teaching with a focus in Art Education. Before I decided to attend Lewis & Clark I was studying at Pacific Northwest College of Art. During my time there I focused mostly on my painting and other studio art skills. I was working with other designers during school to create merchandise for the Rose City Rollers roller derby travel team. Our challenge here was to create items that resonated with our fans and the league. I attended Cornish College of the Arts right out of High School (‘00)  with the intent to graduate with a BA in Graphic Design, I decided to leave school and travel the world. I used the skills I learned from Cornish to continue my design skills working with Photoshop and Illustrator to create my artwork for many years. I continued to learn Adobe InDesign and any other Adobe programs that interested me. I have experimented outside of Adobe but will usually return to it. I love creating work digitally, but also physically, which I do for my students.

I attended school online for an associates in business in 2007 and recently for my English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) endorsement that I have added to my teaching endorsement. These classes and other trainings I have taken have helped me prepare for more online learning. My ESOL endorsement classes ended this year with other students working from the United States. I was able to experience class life where many of the other students were in a vastly different time zone and experience with their own students.

My days currently consist of teaching high school students the ways of creating, studying and analyzing art. My students are mostly A-level students looking to study around the world in art and other fields. My students have the ability to choose their favored medium and work in that or to explore other media. Because of my background in many types of media I am able to guide my students with their choices, give them feedback and demonstrate how to use or experiment with different media. I am constantly challenged by my students to create new assignments for them that are relevant to them and I am inspired by my students with the work they create.

In addition to as an Art teacher I work as the school’s Multimedia Production Coordinator, which is working with digital, print, and social media for the International Department. This is a recent addition to my portfolio, but I have kept busy with work across the school’s programs including our Human Resources Department. The work I create for the school are simple, but sometimes complex like what I have created the past few months. My current work involves around A-level icons for infographics of all subjects and I created family crests with animals for an upcoming project that will involve the whole school. The work I was able to do with the family crests are created from using western and eastern historical imagery. I was given the freedom to create the four houses, this is a current project that may change over time. The simplification of the animals are there to be used in other projects or media.

I want to continue to challenge myself in art practice, my need to learn and to grow as an artist. Having new experiences with others as an Artist is important to me, while I would love to be able to attend school in person, it is not possible with my job and that I live in China. I have searched around to find a suitable program that is interesting, can challenge me, and will help me be an even better artist, teacher,  and designer. I would like to see this program help me develop my storytelling abilities, I feel this would be a great starting point for me. This program may take me in another direction with my teaching or it could take me even further, I am excited to see where it leads.