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    Holidays here we come

    It’s the Holiday season. We are getting ready for exams and creating more work. I’m excited to see where the next few months go. I joined sketchbook skool and created some fun work there with mixed media work. Our sculptures went really well for the 10th graders. These were inspired by creations by Lee Bontecou. Here are some in progress shots and end shots.

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    New School Year!

    Super excited to start the new year. I’ve been updating my site with student work and many of the pieces I worked on in the past year. I will make sure I have some more updates in the near future!!  

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    Trying out some Collage work!

    This is an interesting project for me. I always love giving my students freedom of choice and try to push them to make good decisions. When I give them a wide berth there are many times amazing results. This project started out with me having them write what comes to mind when they think of the word community. I gave them options and lists of symbolism imagery. Their progress has been super interesting.

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    Open Air Watercolor!

    The weather here has been nice recently so my students were able to enjoy watercolor painting outside. This is the first time for many of them using the medium so we have been taking it slow. They have been developing their observation skills this year, so it seemed like the perfect time!

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    Updating the site

    I’ve remade my website to feature my artwork as well as the artwork of my students. There are a few submenus that you can look at to see the art of my students or my own.